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Hair Building Fibers
Turn your hair younger

There’s much more to life than hair, but when it looks great, you feel great.

Featured Products

Hair Fibers 28 G

Immediately improve the look of thinning hair.

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Hair Fibers 28 G 6 Pack

Turn your hair thicker and fuller instantly.

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Hair Fibers 10 g

Travel size Hair Fiber for thinning hair

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Fiber MistHold

Strengthens the bond between the fibers and your hair.

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Fuller beard with Hairatin touch up
Grays & Beard

Conceal grays, roots or a patchy beard instantly.

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3D Fiber Lash Extension

Enhance your lashes by 500% at home.

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HairMax Ultima 12

12 lasers – home use medical device.

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HairMax LaserBand 41

41 lasers – home use medical device.

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HairMax LaserBand 82

82 lasers – home use medical device.

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HairMax Laser Cap

272 lasers – home use medical device.

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Thinning Hair Essentials

Essential set for fine hair

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Aging Hair Essential Set

Improve the look of your thinning and graying hair.

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Hair Care Set

Remove hair buildups while adding volume and density.

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Clarifying Shampoo

Exfoliate your scalp for healthier hair.

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Keratin Treatment

Moisturize your scalp and add density to your hair.

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Collagen Gel

Prime and seal fibers on your lashes for longer results.

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Fiber Lash Mascara

Never run our of fibers for your 3D lashes Kit.

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Optimizer Tool

For a precise application of fibers on thinnest areas.

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Hairatin® Blog

A fun fact-filled blog created to help you regain control over your hair.

You’re losing hair and you don’t even know

As women, we are losing hair and we don’t even know it. We do not lose hair like men do, please but answer this truthfully: Have you noticed that the parting of your hair has become wider? Do you find more strands than before in the brush, shower or pillow? Does your hair feel less… View Article

Clarifying Shampoo – Make your own work better

We all hate those “Bad Hair Days” when your hair feels and looks sad and lifeless. Excess use of heating tools, chemicals, gels and even tap water can make your strands go limp. The buildup of oils, styling products or the residue of your regular shampoo and conditioner can make your freshly washed hair seem… View Article

Laser Light Treatment For Hair

In terms of technology the last 50 years of our history have evolved faster than all the history of humankind combined.  It is amazing how it improves continuously to the benefit of our race. It can also be detrimental when it is misused or understood. Technology makes our lives better. One string of technology included… View Article

Available In
8 Color Match Shades

Our unique color-match formulation results in translucent color fibers that are shiny, just like the hair, to blend perfectly without looking opaque-matte.

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Discover the celebrity stylist's best kept secret products. At Hairatin, we offer the most innovative technology and easy to use solutions for common hair aging signs like thinning hair, balding or gray hair by creating effective and instant transformation products that deliver natural-looking results

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