Laser Light Treatment For Hair

In terms of technology the last 50 years of our history have evolved faster than all the history of humankind combined.  It is amazing how it improves continuously to the benefit of our race. It can also be detrimental when it is misused or understood. Technology makes our lives better. One string of technology included in this evolution is Laser technology, it has been applied in many fields including beauty. Among other things, laser light technology has been shown to help stimulate hair growth. An amazing discovery for those suffering from hair loss.

Hair loss is very common in both man and women. Now days it can be treated in many ways. Alopecia (going bald) can be reversed. One way to do it would be laser light treatment. A procedure that is not invasive and can play a key role in your overall strategy to recover that precious treasure we all love “hair” Let us help you address some of the questions you may have.

How do Lasers Work?

It is very important to use a low-frequency light. Putting it in simple terms: a low-level frequency laser will rehabilitate your hair follicles and not damage any tissue. It will deliver a therapeutic light energy to the root and help you restore your hair’s natural growth cycle. The most recommended laser treatments are those with hair parting teeth because they don’t allow your hair to block the laser beam. At the end, the whole treatment becomes a hair follicle rehabilitation, it will have received more oxygen and improve the blood circulation process. It is actually very simple to use.

How to Use Lasers

Depending on your device, combs or headbands, usage can differ. Combs would normally require to be used in its traditional way whereas headbands require treatments with time limits by area. It is recommended to do the treatment before you go to sleep since it is the time of the day when your hormones are playing in your favor. Basically, your human growth hormone spikes during the night; therefore, improving the effectivity of the stimulation process promoted by the laser. You can also use them during the day, but bedtime will always be a better option.

Do They Work?

Everybody is different and respond to treatments in a different way. The only way to know if laser treatments will work for you is by trying them.

Again, you can find laser treatments in different presentations. There are some devices that have been approved by the FDA for its effectiveness, meaning they are high quality and trustable products. As a matter of fact, you can find thousands of products promising you will recover your hair, but they don’t deliver the only thing that matters: results. Be sure to research and evaluate your options. It is always better to invest in a device that comes out as a product of proper investigations performed by professionals in the hair loss field.

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