How to use Hair Fibers

Using Hairatin Fibers will immediately improve the look of thinning hair, but it might take some practice to style it properly. Follow these tips and get the best out of your new enhancing fibers!



Use it on dry hair: Hairatin fibers adhere to your existing hair by static electricity. Therefore, if used on wet hair, fibers might become clumpy. If you do wish to use gel, wait until the fibers are on.


Use the right color: If you can notice it when applied, then it’s very likely that you need to exchange it for either a lighter or darker tone. Hairatin Fibers are translucent so you don’t need to mix colors to get your perfect match.


Remember it adheres onto the hair: Fibers are not at their best when they are only spread across the scalp to cover it. Although it is not a problem when fibers end up on the scalp, Hairatin is designed to adhere to the existing hair.


Apply the right amount: When it comes to Hairatin Fibers, less is more. It is easier to achieve a natural result by using fewer fibers rather than more. Preferably apply the hair fibers in layers, in several 'stages', rather than applying a lot in one go. Apply a layer, pat with your fingers onto the hair to spread out the fibers or brush the hair very slightly and superficially with a coarse brush. Determine whether you will need more fibers and then possibly apply some more. Repeat this until you are happy with the result.

Usage Tips

  • PART LINE: brush and style your hair as desired and apply the fibers on the hair surrounding the part line and not on the scalp directly.
  • HAIRLINE: This might be tricky. Remember that no one has a totally full hairline. A natural hairline will always be thinner towards the forehead so apply it a couple of millimeters back. Use the optimizer tool or a comb to prevent fibers from falling on unwanted places and to achieve more natural results.
  • CROWN: Brush your hair and try to use the hair around the crown to camouflage your scalp. Then, on top of that hair, apply fibers evenly. After 3-4 times using it you won’t need a mirror.