Hair Loss in Nelson

Hair loss is no surprise to anyone; for centuries men and women have suffered psychological blows to see their reflection in the mirror and to find their scalp becoming more noticeable each day.

In men, hair loss occurs in the frontal area and lateral sides of the forehead, studies indicate that 35 million Americans experience this condition. At 35 years old, men will have 40% of hair loss and at 80 will be 70%.

Over 21 million American women are not excluded from suffering this scourge; at the age of 60, they will have lost 80% of it. (1)


Nelson’s hair loss

Nelson is a 42-year-old man who admits that struggling with baldness is not an easy task. He experienced insecurity at business meetings. Constantly felt familiar eyes staring at his head, which exacerbated his discomfort to the point of avoiding group meetings as much as he could.

Hair loss Hairatin

Treating his hair loss led him to try a number of products and treatments that did not work and left him feeling helpless while his condition kept progressing. Feeling skeptical about every treatment out there, he was introduced by his sister to a topical solution. He remembers at first exclaiming “No way! I’m not going to use a cover-up”. But he still tried it out as his sister insisted.


What he did not realize is that high-quality fibers are not a cover-up but an instant thickener that works on the remaining hair to create the appearance of a fuller head.

Hairatin Fibers were a pleasant surprise for him. Immediately he felt more confident and he couldn’t deny or hide his excitement. “It was not on my mind to use a product like this one but it makes me happy, reduces the time I spend trying to style my hair trying to hide the bald spots and it’s undetectable…. I’m no longer afraid!  If you want to place a strong light or a giant flash on my head, there is no problem” he said.

Like Nelson, many users opt for Hairatin Fibers to reduce hair loss in a safe, noninvasive way. How? By increasing the volume of your hair immediately making it look and feel stronger, thicker, fuller.

Hairatin Fibers are magnetic micro particles of keratin protein that stick to your existing hair. This generates a completely natural look, imitating and matching perfectly with your real hair texture and color.


How to use Hairatin Fibers

1- Dry and style hair as usual.

2- Hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle and lightly shake it into thinning areas. For best results apply little by little and shake the bottle sideways or slightly tapping it at the bottom to disperse evenly.

3- Gently pad hair to disperse fibers.


Nelson tried it and he loved it:

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