Perfect Summer Hairstyles for Men

Summer is here and it’s all about having fun and hanging out with your friends and family. If girls get all dressed up to look and feel great, men should not be left behind. Hair is the best accessory that anyone can wear. We also love bald guys, but this article is for the other group of men.

So, when it comes to hair in action, wearing the perfect hairstyle is going to make the difference. Let’s check some of those summer styles and decide which one is the best for you.

Long on Top 

This one is simple and you can never go wrong. Very masculine and polished, cut the sides really short and leave it long enough on the top. It is a great haircut. The long part provides you with different options to wear it according to your style. For example, if you want a cool casual style you can wear it messy on top and/or if you want to look sharp, you can always comb it and style it with some gel.

 Bald Fade, Cropped on Top

This is a really popular haircut for those on the verge of losing their hair. You can wear a bald fade with a cropped haircut on top. This simplified haircut keeps you looking very masculine if you know how to wear it. You can always add some help to it by adding hair fibers.

 Bald Fade and Beard

This one is the bearded version of the one we just mentioned. I don’t know if you remember Sean Connery. He has been bald since forever and always wore this style with tremendous grace. A short beard is recommended since the heat can make you crazy during this season.


If you are a little more daring and want to look different, a light blonde really short hair will be a great option. All you have to do is dye your hair with a color that contrasts your skin color. Don’t forget to add your tanned color into the equation.

Comb Over

It is an easy and fancy hairstyle. However, is not suitable for all hair types. Sides are very short, faded or even bald with a medium length top. You have to comb your hair to one side and add some rainbow-shape style to keep it sharp. It is always recommended to wear a product to help it stay in its place.

Wearing a textured style, a mohawk or even a pomp are also trending. If you have a thick hair it is better to have it as short as possible. Think about the weather and the humidity. There are many variations of this basic hairstyles so you can choose a really cool way to wear your hair this season. Remember always to follow your own style!

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