#MyHairatinExperience TERMS


I hereby grant to Hairatin the authorization of the rights to use my name and videos published on social networks, including, among others: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the promotional hashtag #MyHairatinExperience and sent to the email info@hairatin.com

– I can only receive the prize if I have purchased $200 in Hairatin products at the location and if I redeem it on Hairatin.com/shop and buy at least $300

– I can only receive the prize if the video contains the positive experience with the product, counting it or showing it with the application.

– I can only redeem the prize if I send the video to info@hairatin.com where I must make it clear before finalizing it (the video) that authorized its use by Hairatin. Hairatin will be in charge of cutting that authorization before publishing it. In case you do not record the authorization message, I can do it in writing to the email described, attaching the video.

– I can only make the product effective if in addition to sending it to the email specified above, I share it on my social networks and I must have my public profiles so that Hairtain can repost or share it.

– I must send name and phone number (this data will not be used by third parties) to info@hairatin.com

– I can only redeem the prize if I am the one who stars in the video. And I must also attach in the mail two photos: one of the “before” and one of the “after” using Hairatin Fibers (you can take the photos later and attach them).

– I can only redeem the prize exclusively in products, shipping is not included.

– I agree that the Content may be published, reproduced, and edited in another way through the media mentioned above and at any time for the purposes of advertising and dissemination by Hairatin.

– I agree that I will not be entitled to claim compensation (including, among others, royalties) or claim (including, without limitation, claims based on invasion of privacy, defamation, right of publicity, copyright infringement) or trademark infringement) that arises from any use (in accordance with the terms stipulated in this document), blurring, alteration, editing, distortion, defective reproduction or use in any form composed of the Content.

2. COMPLIANCE WITH TERMS OF THIRD PARTY PLATFORMS. I acknowledge and agree to publish Content on the Platforms in accordance with the terms and conditions of such Platforms.